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Table 3 Summary for the terms tested for association with female mosquito hourly abundance

From: The mosquito electrocuting trap as an exposure-free method for measuring human-biting rates by Aedes mosquito vectors

Explanatory variableAedes aegypti females ♀Culex quinquefasciatus females ♀
Trap type0.6010.447e-0410.98
Time (linear)nananananana
Time (quadratic)8.701< 0.01*142.11< 0.001*
Relative humiditynanana0.0910.77
Temperature × Humiditya6.6010.01*0.0910.76
  1. *Significant values
  2. aFixed effect indicating interaction term
  3. Notes: Chi-square (χ2), degrees of freedom (df) and P-values are provided for females of each species. “na” indicates “not applicable” values for which single term significance was not possible because of their involvement in significant higher order terms