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Fig. 5

From: Rickettsia parkeri colonization in Amblyomma maculatum: the role of superoxide dismutases

Fig. 5

Knockdown of Cu/Zn-SOD in R. parkeri-infected A. maculatum. a Tissue-specific SOD transcriptional gene expression in uninfected and R. parkeri-infected partially blood-fed female adults tissues. A. maculatum GAPDH was used as a reference gene to normalize the gene expression data. Target gene expression in uninfected tick tissues was adjusted to 1. b Transcriptional gene expression of selected antioxidant genes in Cu/Zn-SOD-silenced partially fed tick tissues. The transcript level of each target gene in the tissues injected with control LacZ-dsRNA was set to 1.0 as a reference point. Expression was normalized against the tick GAPDH gene. c R. parkeri was quantified using a real-time PCR assay designed for specific detection of the R. parkeri ompB gene in A. maculatum midgut and salivary gland in dsLacZ and dsCu/Zn-SOD injected tick tissues, and (d), the bacterial load estimation in R. parkeri-infected ticks knocked down with Cu/ZnSOD. Tick GAPDH was used as a reference gene for estimating the total bacterial load in R. parkeri-infected ticks. KD; Knockdowns

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