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Table 1 Growth of Hymenolepis microstoma in Mus musculus (summarized from de Rycke [22])

From: Description of Hymenolepis microstoma (Nottingham strain): a classical tapeworm model for research in the genomic era

Days p.i. Avg. length (mm) Development and position in gut
1-2 0.25-0.50 no external segmentation or genital anlagen; worms localized in the first 10-20 cm of the intestine
3 1.58 some internal segmentation; appearance of genital anlagen; worms localized in the first 10 cm of the intestine
4-5 3.40-3.85 external segmentation and male & female genital anlagen discernable; worms localized in the bile duct
6 5.85 testes in few segments
7 9.15 testes mature
8 13.50 early-mature to mature proglottides
9-10 17-20.50 all proglottides mature
11 27 disappearance of female glands; few pre-oncospheres
12 36 pre-oncospheres, no hooks
13 46.5 semi-gravid proglottides
14 62.5 near gravid proglottides
15-16 94-129 gravid proglottides